Well, here we go….

Hello. Thanks for reading the first post of TrackLeft’s blog. As we enter the third week of our beta period, we thought it would be a good idea to document and share the experience while posting some insights as well. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. With TrackLeft being a work-paced training platform, the posts will originate on workpaced.com.

Some Background

About four months ago, we began the process of sketching out a simple way to present and manage a sales process or methodology. Being non-technical founders, we weren’t sure where to start. After talking with some friends and family that were knowledgeable on the software front, we were told to sketch out some wireframes. After quickly building out the wireframes, we began to talk to some development firms. It was a great experience to have teams listen to your idea and take those initial steps in creating something real. We eventually met two developers (just good people and talented as shit) that have got us to this point with another coming onboard soon. It all came together the way it was supposed to.

We set out to build a platform that helped two parties. One was the company that invested in sales training or a sales process with both time and money. The other group was the internal or external training consultant. From the company’s perspective, we wanted to create a tool that helped the team learn the content quicker, manage the process and talk tracks, have a better conversation, capture each conversation within said process, and track the activities and stages of a process. And win more accounts!

From the trainer’s perspective, we sought to create a more efficient delivery method that allowed trainees (sales team) to get both a macro and micro view of the process. And it had to be customizable for any sale process or business model.

It’s not going to be easy

We’re trying to build a company here. And it’s software. Both are tough.

Stay tuned.


Team TrackLeft