What does TrackLeft mean?

Happy Monday.

For every new company, there is that moment when the founder/founders realize that they need a company name. The idea had reached a point in which calling it “our idea” wasn’t good enough for early clients or listeners. For us personally, we started to brainstorm with a few emails back and forth. We then asked our consultants (our wives because they’re smarter than us). The first few came from spelling things backwards, using translator tools, and thinking about key terms.

The first few were bad.

We then sat down for 30 minutes and created a list of industry terms. In that first sit down, we thought we had our name. We spent 3-4 days pitching it and buying the domain.

Apparently, it sucked and everyone was being nice because we were excited about it. I’ll later dedicate a post called “If we had stuck with…”.

It was a good exercise and through it came, TrackLeft. It was from a random thought and by accident, we had our name. Shortly after, we were checking for domain availability and working on a logo.

But what does it mean?Blog Post 2 v2

First, picture a sales process as a timeline. Now think back to a sales meeting or conversation when you were mad at yourself for missing a question or key point. In most cases, we keep moving forward instead of admitting that we screwed up or missed something.

What if we were to take a step back and revisit a point? What if we tracked left or started over with the prospect?  What if we had a road map and hadn’t screwed up in the first place?

Sometimes you need to TrackLeft to go forward.




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