Do you have a sales Trapper Keeper?

So in the spirit of Back to School season, we thought we’d talk about the Trapper Keeper.

Trapper Keeper

You know they still exist? And they’re back and better than ever. The next thing you know kids are going to be wearing back packs with one strap again and Girbaud, Z Cavaricci, and I.O.U are cool once more. Is this when I say, “I digress”?

For most of us (student or parent at the time), it was the binder where you kept everything for all classes or most.

Binder in the Cloud

Sales professionals are busy. The good ones are methodical about their routine, organized, and detailed as hell. Some of us struggle to stay 100% organized. By no means, was this just discovered. There are several markets that help the sales professional do well: CRM, sales enablement, sales acceleration, e-learning, business intelligence, sales intelligence, and some more.

It can be overwhelming for the sales leader, sales ops manager, or business owner to put the right tools in front of their team. There are so many flipping tools. And yes, we’re one of them.

However, here at TrackLeft we’re trying to bring back the simplicity and organization of the binder. And maybe even be that binder.

Whether it’s the notes you take during the sales bootcamp, weekly training, or a client meeting, you need a place for them to go. What’s your binder? What do you use for your “sales homework” before a meeting? Where do you keep the draft of that essay (the talk tracks, the 30 second commercial)?

T minus

Schools around the country are starting school over the coming weeks. As someone whose mother was a teacher and wife is a teacher, I know the chaos that is going to ensue.

So go find your binder (whatever that might be), try to get organized, and enjoy the ride because here we go again…it’s Back to School.


We’re trying to build a company here. And it’s software. Both are tough. And so is teaching…so say thank you to those that teach your kids or the kids of the next generation.

Stay tuned.


Team TrackLeft

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