Are we there yet?

We’ve all gotten in the car without directions, thinking we’d figure it out on our own. Sometimes it’s fun to wing it, or not. We make it there, it’s just the amount of time it takes that differs.

To plan a trip 15 years ago we would’ve used a triptik. For you young readers, ask your parents.


Now we use a GPS with the help from an annoyingly calm voice that tells you when to turn, which also reduces the amount of profanity coming from your passenger because you missed a turn and now you’re on a turnpike going 35 miles in the wrong direction. Not every trip is as easy as driving up I-75.

Whether a triptik or GPS, someone else has done the work for you. Someone has told you where to turn, when. However, sometimes you have to go left to go forward. Sometimes you have to back track to be sure you get it right and reach your destination. At least you knew how to get there.

What if you had that sales road map every time you talked with a prospect or client? What if that road map told you which steps to take and which words to say? I think it’s fair to say that your rate of success would go up.

TrackLeft acts as that road map helping you reach your destination more consistently.


We’re trying to build a company here. And it’s software. Both are tough.

Stay tuned.

Team TrackLeft

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