Welcome to the Team


For most of us, we’ve started a new job and were handed an agenda for the first week in addition to a checklist for your first three months. The agenda usually includes items like:

  • Meet with HR
  • Meet with manager
  • Team meeting
  • Company history
  • Tour of office
  • Department training
  • Executive lunch
  • Intro to software applications
  • Meet with mentor

The 90 day checklist has goals or items like:

  • Product knowledge
  • Budget review
  • Set up on all applications
  • Compliance training
  • Department processes

For Sales

In addition to the points above, how do we prepare sales to do their job? In most cases, sales is taken through the standard onboarding, given a laptop with the appropriate software, shown where to find marketing material, emailed the forms to do business, and given them a list of accounts and leads.

How do they learn the process?

How do they know the words to say?

How do they know what’s worked before?

Our expectations lead us to giving them the tools and sending them off into the field to grow the business.

However, every company has a unique history of how they are using the current process and saying the right words to earn business and grow the business. How is that tribal knowledge transferred? What if they had a tool that shared this history and process with our new hire in the first week? Or maybe even before they started? And they could apply it to each conversation and start selling right out of the gate.

Curious in how TrackLeft can help? Contact us at sales@trackleft.com


We’re trying to build a company here. And it’s software. Both are tough.

Stay tuned.


Team TrackLeft

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