After further review, the play call stands….sort of

cropped-tl-300-46-1.pngHey, we’re back! It’s been several weeks since we’ve posted. Our apologies.

During the last few weeks we took the time to review the path we were headed down. We started with the idea that the sales professional needed a better way to follow the contents of a sales process. And we’re still going in that direction. However, it appears there is room for us to help different areas of a business with the concept of work-paced learning. Stay tuned as we’ll begin to share about those other segments.

We also evaluated the look and feel of the tool, which led to making functionality changes, which led to what ifs. Bottom line, we got some new stuff coming, but the core will still be there.


We’re trying to build a company here. And it’s software. Both are tough.

Stay tuned.

Team TrackLeft