5 Ways Your CRM Impacts Selling Time


Roughly 75% of businesses today have invested in a CRM. It is assumed that most of those companies set out to simply track contacts and to move off of Excel as their choice of record keeping. Or in other words, they were looking to satisfy the purpose of a data repository. The conversation probably didn’t start with, “Man, we’ve got to give our team a better tool to close more deals.” As a sales operations guy, I hope I’m dead wrong with that assumption.

Selling Time

There is an interesting challenge in today’s sales environment of increasing selling time and achieving company CRM goals.

While the CRM’s general concept of managing one’s contacts and sales opportunities is necessary at some level, sales professionals are having issue with how their employers are addressing sales performance management through the CRM.

The communication between the sales professional and manager can sound like:

  • “You’re telling me I have to enter activities.” – Sales behaviors and activities are important for the success of a sales professional, but the time it takes to enter certain activities into the CRM software is painful. The better CRM’s reduce the amount of time spent by the sales professional is this module of the software.
  • “Yes, my pipeline has been updated, both leads and opportunities.” – Sales leadership should have visibility of what their team is working on, but the time it takes to input the information into the CRM can be lengthy or proper workflows aren’t set up to drive consistent data.
  • “CRM usage is part of my commissions?” – To drive usage and data, some companies create commissionable KPI’s that are based on CRM activities and completion. This is tough when the sales team doesn’t believe that the tool leads them to more closed business.
  • “We have more training?” – This isn’t to suggest that CRM training isn’t important or necessary. What I’m suggesting is that maybe the tools are a little complicated if we need to train our team as much as we do.
  • “When should I talk to prospects? It feels like I’m spending all my time updating CRM.” – It’s challenging for leadership to walk this line of required information and hitting quota.

The common theme is reduced selling time. As we talk to clients and prospects it’s still surprising to hear comments related to the above. Surprising because of the exploding markets in sales enablement and sales acceleration. Isn’t the core of those markets to increase selling time?

The Irony

Funny, TrackLeft is one of these sales tools that falls into sales enablement or acceleration. And supports a CRM.

TrackLeft is a digital playbook for sales that reinforces the methodology or process that is followed by the sales organization or entrepreneur. Contact us at sales@trackleft.com to learn how we’re increasing selling time.


We’re trying to build a company here. And it’s software. Both are tough.

Stay tuned.


Team TrackLeft

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